Why PinPoint Scheduling?

PinPoint Dashboard
PinPoint Scheduling was designed by people that manually entered appointments into calendars, made daily appointment reminder calls and so much more. How many times has a customer not shown up for an appointment, because they forgot about it? It's unfortunate and frustrating, but it happens a lot. That results in LOST REVENUE and WASTED LABOR COST for your company. In today's technology driven world, PinPoint Scheduling can cut your scheduling time in half and automate 100% of your appointment reminders, with email and SMS/Text automated reminder notifications, as well as, interactive appointment confirmation calling! This allows you and your staff to focus on more important tasks and can greatly reduce your No Call, No Show appointment rate!

PinPoint Scheduling allows you to schedule and track appointments, send SMS and email notifications, send automated SMS and email appointment reminders, provides automated interactive appointment confirmation calls and so much more. PinPoint Scheduling is designed with a responsive user interface, so it can be used on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Demo PinPoint Scheduling now and see how it can help your company save time, money and increase customer satisfaction with increased efficiency!