Features To Simplify Your Scheduling

2-Way SMS Messaging

No more wondering if your customers sent a text message or not. You can now see and reply to your customers text messages. Vehicle ready for pickup, text them and let them know! Text messaging has taken over, so be ready. 
PinPoint SMS 2-Way Messaging
PinPoint Calendar Groups

Calendar Groups

We understand that a business can have multiple departments or even multiple repairmen, so scheduling can get a little more cumbersome, so we added Calendar Groups. Calendar Groups will allow you to see each group/repairmen on the day calendar view, at one time. This allows the scheduler to see who is available and when, in one single window. No more switching between windows and getting frustrated to schedule just one appointment.

Automated SMS/ Email Reminders

Ready to decrease your "No Show" appointments? Most missed appointments are because customers just get too busy in life and forget. They don't mean to make you lose profit, but it happens. Start reminding your customers, 1 day before their schedule appointment, with automated SMS/Email reminders and stop losing profit.
PinPoint Dashboard
PinPoint Confirmation Calls

Interactive Confirmation Calls*

We wanted to go above SMS/Email reminders, so we integrated Confirmation Calling. If you set this option for an appointment, the customer will receive a call, 2 days before their schedule day, asking them to confirm, reschedule or cancel their appointment. Their response will then be shown in your web portal.
Want to hear what the automated voice sounds like? Listen now by calling (352) 537-8191.

SMS Marketing*

Want to send offers and exclusive specials to your subscribers? You will have your own personal SMS number and you can create a special keyword for customers to signup with. Once they subscribe to your SMS Marketing list, they will receive any special offers you send.
PinPoint SMS Marketing
PinPoint Customer Management

Customer Management

Remembering customers can be a big task, so we wanted to simplify that for you. You can add new customers from the customer area or save them when creating an appointment. You don't have to save every customer. Who you save is completely up to you.

Granular Staff Permissions

We understand that not every staff member needs the same privileges. You can set each staff member as a manager or employee and if set as an employee, you choose what area's that employee is allowed to access.
PinPoint Staff Permissions
PinPoint Editable Templates

Editable SMS/Email Templates

You can easily customize the SMS or Email that is sent to your customers. Change the image, text and even add appointment info by adding preset place holders.

Drag and Drop Calendar

Easily move an appointment to a new date, time or even a different calendar group, simply by dragging it to a new spot on the calendar.
PinPoint Drag and Drop Calendar
PinPoint Recurring Appointments

Recurring Appointments

You can easily create recurring/repeating appointments when scheduling an appointment. Have it repeat weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, all the way up to 1 year.

Appointment Search

Easily search your appointments and find what you are looking for. Search by company name, contact first/last name, phone and mobile number or email. 
PinPoint Appointment Search

Features Overview

2-Way SMS Messaging
Automated Confirmation Call *
Local / 8XX SMS Number
Clean and Responsive Interface
Staff Privilege Control
Custom SMS Templates
Activity Logs
Drag and Drop Calendar
Weekly Data Backup *
Automated Reminders
Customized Setting
Access from Anywhere
Recurring/Repeat Appointments
Easy to Use Web Interface
Set Scheduled Appointment Reminder Times
Custom Service Request Types
Custom Appointment Fields
Easy Support Access
Built in Security
Calendar Groups
Staff Granular Access Control
Custom Email Templates
SMS/Text Marketing *
User Set Timezone
Appointment Search
* = Not included in every subscription plan. You will only receive this feature if it is part of your selected subscription.